Friday, October 31, 2008

Chapter Seven: Babes on Birthday Bashes

Our baking adventure continues...

An order of 40 M size chocolate butter cupcake from a bitrthday party. We decided on pink, yellow, green and white theme.

The cupcakes with the letters that makes up the wording "Happy Birthday Aishah" upclose.

The cupcakes are ready to make it's way to Bank Pembangunan where the birthday bash is held.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chapter Five: The many faces of Cupcake eating Babes

A variety of ways to enjoy your cupcakes:

One: To get your mom to feed you the cupcakes.

Two: To make sure your mom is not looking while your trying to eat your cupcake.

Three: To take a photo with your cupcakes and not eat it at all ;-)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chapter Four: Babes on Simple Designs, Sprinkles & Such

Here's some of our adventures with sprinkles, chocolate sauce and with piped icing:

For a recent Hari Raya Open house, we received an order of 50 L size chocolate butter cupcake. We decided to use pink, baby blue and white as the background. We sprinkled the side of the cupcakes with rainbow coloured sugar balls and topped each cupcake with a white butter icing piped using an M1 nozzle

Here are the blue cupcakes up close

An order of 16 M size cupcakes for a friend's birthday. we piped white icing on a chocolate butter cake and outlined the white icing with red and green coloured icing

The cupcakes all packed and ready to go

16 M size chocolate butter cupcakes with chocolate icing, topped with chocolate sauce

A simple design with pink, orange and white background topped with M& Ms and rainbow coloured rice for two birthday babes celebrating their birthdays in October

Chapter Three: Babes Birthday Themes Designs

An order of 32 L size orange flavoured cupcakes for a friend's son's birthday. We've decided to doodle some different faces. We've alternated between 4 different faces with the wording "Happy Birthday Shafiq" in the middle

Design one: Boy 1

Design 2: Boy with a pair of spectacles

All the four different designs

An order of 34 L size butter chocolate cupcakes. Since, pink is her favourite colour, we've decided to make it as the main colour theme. We've topped the flowers with silver sugar balls for decorations. The side of the pink coloured cupcakes were sprinkled with rainbow coloured r sugar balls and rice

Chapter Two : Babes get Adventurous

We have several themed designs, which we've embarked on:

An order of 16 L chocolate butter cupcakes, topped with white butter icing & decorated with lamps & ketupat to suit the Aidilfitri festive mood

The designs up close

Our first girlie design, Shopaholic themed cupcakes. Another order of 16 L size cupcakes all packed and ready to go.

Here are some of the designs up close. All a girl could ever dreamed of in a shopping spree

Chapter One: New Babes on The Block

Another version of our pink and blue colour theme on a vanilla butter cake

A minimum order of 16 L size chocolate sponge cupcakes with chocolate ganache, with rainbow sprinkles

For a farewell party, an order of 32 L size chocolate butter cupcakes. A simple simple piping design of white butter icing decorated with chocolate shavings and a piece of Kitkat

Here it is again at close range

Getting to know us: Who are the Baking Babes?

The range of sizes we have: L, M and S size cups

Hi there everyone! Finally, we've have managed to put up this blog, which we have been meaning to for ages.

Hopefully, it is a better platform and is more accessible compared to the establishment we initially have on Facebook. (Yes, you can add us to view our cupcake album there as well~ Shida Rasid or Shima Rashid)

Before feasting your eyes on our arrays of cupcakes designs, we invite you to go through these details to get to know us and our cupcakes better:

  • Our flavours ranges from orange, pandan, vanilla and chocolate. Other flavours will be entertained depending on their availability in the market;
  • Our icing are 90% butter with 10 % vegetable shortening. We do not compromise on the quality of our products and the ingredients that we use.
  • We use 100% butter in the ingredients of our cakes and they are all halal;
  • For your information, we will only process if you put in a minimum order of 16 L or M size cupcakes, or S size cupcakes per flavour per order (Please click here for price listing);
  • Kindly be informed that we appreciate you giving us a week notice before getting your order (Please go here to get details on what you should do);
  • We would require a processing fee of 50% to be banked into our account before working on your order.
  • We encourage you to come and collect your order at our premise or at a specified venue, once they are ready. In Selangor, orders can also be collected in Kelana Jaya. While, those in the south, we have scheduled drops in Batu Berendam, Melaka and Johor Bahru, Johor. (E-mail us @ for more details)
  • We are working towards running a GREEN business- Thus, we encourage you to bring your own container when you collect your cupcakes or cakes from us. We will deduct a certain amount from your total amount should you bring your own container. (Dimensions of the container and the deducted amount will be provided when you e-mail us your order)
  • In addition, we are always looking for room to improve the taste our cupcakes. Thus, your comments and suggestions are most welcomed.
We assure you that we are working towards improving the content and layout of our blog in due time and we apologise for any shortcomings.

Meanwhile, please e-mail do us at for more details.

Our first order from friends in Johor Bahru. They requested sponge chocolate cake with blue and pink butter icing

Another order from a friend who thought of giving a treat to her nieces. We've embarked on a cookie monster design with Oreo cookies as decorations, which acted as its mouth.

We decided to take the unprecedented move of colouring it green and orange instead of usual cookie monster blue.